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>^.^< MiLa [Agent Hooker 69]

(Auroras private notes)

Our beloved doctor, Xavier Von Zero, has been busy expanding on the work of his old friend and collegue, the unfortunate Dr.Moreau.

Since the tragic events that happened in what has been nicknamed The Island of Lost Souls by the sensationalist media, herr Zero has been the only one with the knowledge and technology necessary to complete the complex and somewhat unhetical project. Briefly, this requires genetical splicing, in-vitro induced fertilization and accelerated growth rate techniques. These test-tube babies, however, are NOT human at all; althought they may appear to be so, they are in fact animals that had been forced/induced to jump start they natural evolutionary ladder/selection process.

The first successful result, Hugo, is nothing more than a hairy, ugly brute; possessing a rudimentary intelligence coupled with an extraordinary physical prowess, it barely looks humanoid. Its gene pool is a combination of Orang-Utan and Babboon, probably not the best choice, all things considered. Still, it obeys orders well!

But the second! She is just referred to as Mi-La. Her pool is pure-breed violet-point siamese (feline), and it shows all over in delicate ways. From the pointy ears to the sharp teeth.

She looks a bit asian, by human standards. Large eyes, showing a cunning, feral intelligence. She moves almoust noiselessly. She seems to unnerve the full staff. She has already attacked the twins, for coming a bit too close to our Doktor. He seems to think it funny, and gives the matter no thought, but I am not too sure...

She certainly behaves like only he matters... Maybe I am paranoid, but I do not trust her. No, not her, this CREATURE passing for a woman.
We are not even sure if she can speak, afterall she only makes this purry/hissy noises...ugh! But HE likes her! BAH! So, for our OWN safety, she is confined to the private chambers !

Keep in mind that it took MONTHS to teach this stubborn she-thing that its just not acceptable to tongue-bath, and what came out of that, you ask? She bates in MILK! MILK! And she smokes those awful catnip cigarettes that HE has especially made for her!

Pet or not, this is gone too far! Maybe some advantage can be taken out of her hydrophobia...
Excuse me, I have PMS and a GUN. Did u say something ?!?!: chipperchipper
Rock out WITH your COCK out: "Cat Scratch Fever"
>^.^< MiLa [Agent Hooker 69]
06 January 2006 @ 02:07 pm

+ - You have officially earned your digital wingz - +

Thanks for being such a cool chic.

Excuse me, I have PMS and a GUN. Did u say something ?!?!: excitedexcited